Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Dressing Room.

On 9th April we are opening The Dressing Room. That is the best oportunity to buy clothes, skins, jewellery, accessories from great and popular designers for a small amount of money.

[ glow ] studio
(Jocelyn Anatine, Anemysk Karu, Linka Demina)
Aoharu (machang Pichot)
Magic Nook (Ayumi Cassini)
Cheerno (CheerNo Destiny, Vitor Algoma)
LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia, Lucifer Berman)
Shade Throne ( Undo Hermano)
AA fashion (AGNIESZKA Allstar)
YourSkin&YourShape (Monicuzza Babenco, Monyka Benelli)
Glam Affair (aida Ewing, Amberly Boccaccio)
Ricielli (Antonietta Pelazzi,Vliet Canucci)
So many styles (Irie Campese)
- thats our team!

In The Dressing Room Store prices are between 40-70l$! Never higher!
Every 2 weeks we will change collection and we will invite a new guest.
First TDR guest is Mimikri hot couture (Mimikri Kit).
Ps: our lead blogger is miss Vega Arida! Watch her "looks" here!

The Dressing Room.

3 pm, 8th, 9th(for Europe)April. The Dressing Room Project STARTS!


Dianne Grover said...

If only the dressing room is in town, I would have gone there and bought everything I wanted to buy. My sister would have also because we just love fashion. This will surely inspire closets Bergen lovers out there. It is so envious that such a shop offers amazing pieces!

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