For Designers!

Hey Dear Designer.
In-world i get a lot of IMs about "how to join The Dressing Room as creator?"
Teams in both The Dressing Rooms (TDR & TDR Blue) are closed. Only one way to participate the project is to be our guest. I invite new shop every week. If you would like to be the TDR's guest designer:

1. create a notecard

2. name it : The Dressing Room Creators Application [here your store name]

3. inside the notecard should be:
- What is your pixel name?
your answer
- What is your store name?
your answer
- Paste the slurl to your store:
your slurl
- Your store blog adress (if you have one):
your answer

4. Save the notecard and send it to me,
in SL i'am Linka Demina

If i will find a free spot for you I WILL LET YOU KNOW.
Thanks for your reading,
Linka :)